Sustainable Living

  1. How Travel Advisors Can Make an Impact on Responsible Travel
  2. How This Eco-Friendly Initiative Upcycled Over 10 Lakh Glass Bottles in India
  3. Watch: Lego Blocks Inspired This Kerala Architect to Build a Wall Using 6200 Discarded Toys
  4. How A Bengaluru Family is Beating the Water Crisis Despite Having a Garden With 350 Plants
  5. With 10 acres of organic farm and traditional wisdom, This “family farmer” can help you eat right
  6. The Unseen Environmental Stewards: Lessons from Our Villages in the Global South.
  7. IFS Officer Transformed a Barren UP Land into His District’s 1st Eco-Tourism Hub
  8. Charting a Sustainable Future: ASEAN, Japan, and UNDP Unveil Blue Economy Innovation Project
  9. Carbon Farming: A Pathway to Sustainable Agriculture
  10. AI for social good: Improving lives and protecting the planet

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