Media4Media (17/04/24)

  1. YouTube: India’s next battleground for free speech?
  2. After PM Modi Rebukes Western Media, U.S. Sings Praise For India’s Democracy | Watch
  3. PM Narendra Modi calls out ‘few in West’ for ‘dubious claims’ on media freedom. 5 takeaways from interview
  4. TV anchor refuses to use Indian-origin guest’s non-binary pronoun saying it’s ‘grammatically incorrect’. Viral exchange
  5. X takes down four posts by leaders of BJP, AAP, YSR Congress, TDP on Election Commission of India order
  6. WhatsApp launches Chat Filters: Here’s how this feature will help
  7. 2 creators get YouTube notice on EVM videos, monetisation curbed
  8. News Media vs Big Tech: Another battlefront opens up
  9. How Social Media Influencers Are ‘Influencing’ Elections
  10. Western media questions Indian democracy in string of op-eds ..

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