Healthcare (Weekly)

  1. The US supreme court heard one of the most sadistic, extreme anti-abortion cases yet
  2. AI-powered ‘deep medicine’ could transform healthcare in the NHS and reconnect staff with their patients
  3. Less burnout for doctors, better clinical trials, among the benefits of AI in health care
  4. Chinese Woman Diagnosed With ‘Love Brain’ After Calling Boyfriend 100 Times Daily
  5. Antibiotics overused during Covid-19, says WHO: What this finding means for India
  6. New study says pregnancy ages you faster. Doctors weigh in
  7. Children living in hilly areas of India are at higher risk of poor growth; Here’s why
  8. India’s Health Challenge: Obesity on the rise as more people eat high-calorie foods
  9. The science behind chronic stress
  10. Lifestyle related liver disorder- The rise and rise of Fatty Liver