Kanpur Parivartan Forum – Anil Gupta’s Inspirational Journey from an IIT Graduate to a Cobbler & a Sweeper

Anil Gupta, founder of Kanpur Parivartan Forum, has a powerful message based on his over a decade of tireless effort in getting the communities together to clean one of the dirtiest cities in India. His simple message is “बदलो खुद को, बदलो शहर को – Change yourself to Change your City”.

While running a successful business in manufacturing decorative, crazy and beautiful cowboy boots at Kanpur and earning the title of a Mochi (Cobbler), Anil wanted to clean his city which was among one of the dirtiest cities in India. He realized that it’s not possible to have cleanliness without respecting those who manage the job of picking up the garbage and disposing it. He simply decided to pick up the broom & collaborate with the sweepers to clean Kanpur way back in 2008. In the beginning, no one believed that this was a possible dream. Gradually, several conscious community leaders began to join in and the sweeping campaign began to build into a crusade. It took almost a decade to transform one of India’s dirtiest cities to a much cleaner city. This is how Anil earned the title of a Sweeper which he is proud of. This is a big lesson for those who consider certain jobs to be below their dignity yet expect their surroundings to be clean.

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Invitation to Kanpur Parivartan’s Latest Event on 2 Oct, 2023

Over the years, Kanpur Parivartan Forum has expanded its scope of activities to include several initiatives to promote health and happiness. One such event is planned on 2 Oct 2023 which has already attracted a large number of participants from India as well as abroad. Please do join in if you present in Kanpur on this date:

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