Freedom to Work is Not Freedom from Work: Life of a Flexi Worker

By: Rajiv Tewari

Life of a flexi worker

“Freedom to work is not freedom from work. Freedom to work simply means the freedom to choose how to work. I have chosen a flexi work life which allows me the perfect work life balance. I get to pursue my hobby of driving in the deserts, mountains, jungles and some of the best cities in the world while continuing to manage my flexi teams in ten cities,” said Manan. This triggered an interesting conversation between me and Manan on a flexi worker’s lifestyle and challenges.

How Manan manages his operations in 10 cities

Manan’s practice areas include learning & development, consultancy, staffing & recruitment. His company, Fortune Architect, has team members on a full salary basis but they have the freedom to choose their work timing. Team members are well connected with each other through an approved and shared work calendar. For additional work, Manan has alliances with several consultants who work on a project to project basis as freelancers. The system works very efficiently as Fortune Architect’s clients are in tune with him on flexi work schedules with the assurance that work will be finished on time.  “Trust is the main ingredient in flexi work success. I trust my team members and the clients trust me,” said Manan. Manan shared that his clients provide office space to his team members with an agreed upon work calendar. It’s not a 9 to 5 job but the team members are present when the client wants to meet them. According to Manan,  “The flexi workers have to be highly disciplined and punctual about the delivery schedules and meeting timings. In the absence of these qualities the system would never work efficiently. Sharing of calendars and daily online interactions are enough to ensure the robustness the system.”  In case of a challenge Manan is always available to help the team members. 

Benefits to clients 

The clients save a lot of money as they are able to use quality manpower on a shared basis but with the assurance of dedicated presence in their own office. Load on their infrastructure also reduces as by providing space for one person, they get the back up of a large team which is remotely connected with each team member. The talent pool increases with a large number of talented team of flexi time employees and freelancers. A lot of talented professional, for example females with a small child, who have to leave their full time jobs, prefer this kind of arrangement over full time employment. A lot of retired people who are knowledgeable, experienced and willing to work prefer flexi work arrangements. “There are many like me who simply wish to opt for flexi work to be able to strike a balance between work, hobbies and interests” said Manan.