Global Healthcare Community Newsletter

  1. 77-year-old doctor started treating people for ₹2 in 1972, and today, he sees around 200 patients daily, with his current fess being just ₹20.
  2. Dr Ratan Chandra Kar has been awarded the Padma Shri for saving the reclusive JARAWA tribe from measles, conjunctivitis etc. 
  3. We launched a poll last week on the potential use of Chat GPT in healthcare.
  4. NHS to treat 50,000 elderly and vulnerable patients in ‘virtual wards’ at home
  5. Artificial intelligence could save healthcare industry $360B a year
  6. Deloitte’s report on global health care outlook focuses on 5 areas; virtual health delivery, digital transformation, health equity, workforce and sustainability.
  7. Dr Sankurathri Chandra Sekhar Rao, who received PadmaShri for providing free educational and medical services to the needy.

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