How to Gain from Your Group Membership – Healthcare Network

It’s a privilege to have members such as you in our group. We will now select the top posts by our members and then share these through a recommended weekly newsletter. May I request you to go through our communication and respond with suggestions:

  1. Share your introduction with a summary of your target audience, markets and collaboration opportunities. Be specific on what you want from other members on an online or offline basis. Please do share your email id for response.
  2. Share job opportunities, case studies and articles based on your experience. Please do not post sales or promotional ads.
  3. For Your Free Download for this week, please click on the link
    “Creating Elite Experiences for Today’s Modern Patients”
    Businesses in the healthcare industry are at a pivotal point as patient behavior and needs change it is imperative that organizations understand the impact of their patient experience efforts. When it comes down to it, the success of every patient experience is ultimately determined by the quality and variety of data collected, analyzed and actions taken; and MaritzCX has the necessary tools, technology and healthcare expertise to create world class experiences.

Please write to me with suggestions for improvement and collaborative ventures or any other idea you may have to increase the engagement in your group.

Rajiv Tewari 
Founder, Marketing & Communication Network 
Founder, (Network of 15 Groups) 

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